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furrytradepost's Journal

The Furry Trading Post
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This community is for the trading of various multimedia. Do you have games or movies or music that you just don't play anymore, watch or listen to? Do they all just collect dust? How about sharing them with your friends?
The goal here is to offer a place for furs to give others the stuff they don't use anymore.

Do you have some games you beat? Just don't touch anymore? See if someone else would like to play them. What about movies, see if there is anyone who would want them. Same with music and PC games. This community is to give everyone a chance to play some new games, see some new movies and so on.

Come in, list what you have to offer and what you are looking for. Don't be greedy and be sure to offer all you can. This is not about making money, so please, be on the honor system and don't take all you can get just you can sell them.