flamedryad (flamedryad) wrote in furrytradepost,


hi ya'll i got 250+- comics assorted things all good condition
any traders want um or part of um.
shrugs let me know
thanks for the group
and sorry if this not the place for comics
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what kinds of comics? I am intriegued. anything you want in return?
comix anything and everything
as for things i want what do you have
ok, I am looking for genus male, any anubis themed stuff, or any gay/yaoi things. just let me know what you have, i can trade art, or if you have any thing in mind you need, let me know...
hmmmm there are mainly mainstream comics but i might have some anubis charaters of werewolves.
ok, well no worries, let me know if you find anything. I have been looking for presents, so anything along those lines will porbably be cool if you find them.
sorry ya'll the comix be gone >HUGS